Born under the name V.Y.F. In 1998, the company was initially assigned to act as a subcontractor for Animat Inc. The two shareholders, Yvon Vincent and Francine Allard, quickly realized the enthusiasm of the clientele for turnkey services; from purchase to installation. Mr. Yvon Vincent was at the time assigned to the facilities with the help of an employee while Ms. Francine Allard, she was busy with administrative tasks.

Due to the success of the products sold and the turnkey service offered by the V.Y.F. Specialties, major changes take place in 2002; the construction of a plant in the Drummondville industrial park. Bringing together the teams of installers, offices and manufacturing supplies in one place, the company also has additional employees to meet the growing demand of its customers.

In 2005, the company acquired a heavy truck to carry out its own transportation, while continuing to manufacture more products in the plant and the multiplication of facilities throughout Quebec and the East. from Ontario.

In 2006, two new figures appeared in the circle of shareholders of the company; Ange-Albert and Jasmin Allard then lend a hand to the growing success of this promising SME. Due to changes in function and the fact that the company traded its subcontracting tasks in 2008, becoming the exclusive distributor of Animat, the company definitively changed its name to Distribution V.Y.F.

Always in order to satisfy its customers, the company had to buy a new building in 2010 by doubling the surface area while also keeping the old building with production functions.


To date, Distribution V.Y.F. has around ten office employees, 25 factory employees and installers (4 installer teams), 6 service trucks and has more than 2,500 satisfied customers to date. A fast-growing SME, our four (4) shareholders and the valiant staff work tirelessly to maintain a quality standard … up to your expectations!