Manure separator

The manure separator is an innovative system that can produce a litter quality by recycling your manure allowing you to remove litter purchasing costs for your animals. It produces the dry bedding on the market, or up to 40% dry matter. By combining a rubber floor covering and abundant litter, you will offer the ultimate in comfort for your animals to produce more. You can reduce your time mixing and pumping during your spreading manure.

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Making litter from your manure?

A cow produces a daily average of 62 kg of manure, 10% of its weight.

This manure contains about 30% of undigested fiber. It is this fiber is washed, extracted and stored to produce a silky bedding, light and odorless.



1. Collecting manure, the soiled litter, urine and washing water in the squeegee alleys 
2. Blend in the pre-pit 1 to homogenize the mixture 
3. Separation of the mixture with the separator manure 
4. Accumulation of the liquid fraction separated in the pre-pit 2  
5.- accumulation fresh litter storage 
6. Spreading recycled litter in the residential area


Is what I could produce enough litter for my flock?

By treating your manure every day with manure separator, you will produce an impressive amount of recycled litter. You can count produce about 1 to 2 cubic feet per cow, recycled litter.

According to the chosen methods you can use this litter one, two or three days later. If you choose a method of storage in closed container as a silage wagon, mixer or a silage box, you can even use it in 24 hours. It’s that simple! It remains only to choose a model that meets the needs of your firm according to its size and its management.

What comes out of the machine?

The manure separator recovers the undigested fiber and milled contained in the manure. By separating the fibers, the separator produces two byproducts that can be easily reused: a solid portion and a liquid portion.

The solid part  When pressed properly, has an optimum dry matter content for storage that allows to destroy bacteria such as E. coli and remove odors. Once stored, the solid material can be reused as bedding to improve cow comfort and help them produce more milk. This substrate is easy to handle. It can be applied with a carriage side projection or by a conveyor. As the production of this litter is simple and inexpensive, you can put a much larger amount than other types of litter and improving the comfort of your cows.

The use of recycled manure litter combined with good management of the stable environment does not increase the cows health risks. In fact, it will be easier to keep the cows clean since this litter has a high absorption capacity

The liquid part  is stored in your tank until you are ready to spread in your fields. This mud is a concentrated organic nutrients needed for crop growth. “The extracted liquids are typically loaded with soluble elements and thus the fraction of the elements that are most available and beneficial to plants.” (CPAQ-1997 p.96)

In addition, its absorption into the soil is much faster than conventional manure. The fine particles contained in this mixture enrich the soil and improve its nutrient retention capacity. Their decomposition produce organic acids which allow phosphorus uptake by plants. Its use allows you to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer.

image search results for "Cornell Waste Management Institute logo"The  Cornell Waste Management Institute  in New York published a study on the use of recycled litter from manure. 

Original document in English: 



Some videos of installation of manure separators on different farms all as interesting as they are powerful!


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